Sunday, May 8, 2011

Lorrie died tragically in an accident on Friday May 6th near her home.

Funeral arrangements will be posted here later today.
She leaves her husband Greg. Children, Jordan Erin, Nathan and Charlotte and Step children Kaylin and Samantha.
She was the second child of Darlene and John Coyne previously of Longbranch and now Mississauga.
Sister of Theresa, John, Tammy, Deirdre, Kristen, Patrick, Sarah and Meghan.
Lorrie worked for the City of Toronto since she was 16 years of age as a Wading Pool Supervisor, Recreationist, Coordinator, Supervisor. She has also contributed to other community groups in her short life.
She was a proud graduate of Humber College's Recreation program.

She has been a foster parent and assisted one little boy to find a forever family.
She would give anyone anything she owned because she saw them "needing it more than she".

She celebrated holidays - every holiday by decorating her home inside and out for her children. More will be heard about this for sure!
Most recently she started a new job and she was going to run a Children's Day camp again this summer.
Lorrie was my little sister only 11 months younger than I . I can't even begin to imagine life without her in our family.
Please share your stories of Lorrie's life as we try to hold and support her children and husband.


  1. My goodness, what a tragic accident. I just saw Lorrie in December at Aunty Ann's birthday party. I haven't seen her in years. She hadn't changed at all. Still the sweet person I always remembered. Her daughter was just absolutely adorable. Aunty Ann sure enjoyed seeing her. We chatted for a bit, her daughter was sure keeping her busy.:). What a horrible loss for the family. My condolences to Lorrie's family. Catherine.

  2. I knew Lorrie at the time of her life when she was fostering and she was always so warm and welcoming. Although I was a professional coming into her home, she greeted me as if I was a friend. I have fond memories of having a cup of tea at the house and watching her small foster son and Nathan puttering around the child friendly environment she and Greg had created. They did such a wonderful job getting the little guy ready to go and live with his forever family.

    Many people's lives are richer for having had the chance to know Lorrie. My warmest thoughts go to everyone who will miss having her in their lives and my hope is that they can use their fond memories to help them through these difficult days.

    Sharon Hall

  3. If you have any photos you would like to share of Lorrie to add to our funeral presentation please email to

  4. I've had the absolute pleasure of working alongside Lorrie, and as has been mentioned in previous comments, Lorrie always made an effort to welcome anyone - strangers, coworkers - as friends.

    A more generous person I have never met. I wish the family all the best in coping with this deep loss. Lorrie will be dearly missed.

    Please share the details of the funeral proceedings.

  5. I knew Lorrie from her time as a foster parent at Carpe Diem. I am so sad to hear of her passing and my heart goes out to her children and family.

    Lorrie was gracious and kind and always appeared warm and loving. I enjoyed her sense of humour and her energy. I always felt comfortable in her home and in her presence.

    I hope you are peaceful now Lorrie and that you can rest. You will be a beautiful Angel.

    Sue Bond

  6. I met Lorrie at the wedding of my brother, Kevin, to Theresa. She was a beautiful maid of honour, but more importantly a wonderful person. Our condolences to Lorrie's family.

  7. A tireless, generous and loving soul. As a co-worker, she quickly became a friend. A great loss for a world so lacking authenticity. Wishing her family much strength in dealing with this loss ...

  8. colleen langevinMay 8, 2011 at 5:21 PM

    Words cannot express my deepest sympathy to the entire Coyne family at this time of sorrow...
    I will always remember Laurie with her bubbly personality and I am sure she is an angel in heaven now... My deepest condolences to her husband and children...
    Darlene and John and all the children certainly
    brought alot of joy to my life as we were neighbours for many years.
    All my love to the Coyne Family

    Colleen Langevin

  9. I knew Lorrie many years ago. Theresa, her sister and I were really good friends. What I can tell you about Lorrie is that she was alway very welcoming to me and an overall warm and caring person. I wish I could have seen her again before she passed on. Lorrie you will be missed.


  10. I can write this today. I couldn't yesterday.
    Lorrie was 11 mths younger than I. My baby sister who was always so beautiful, caring and wanting to change the injustices of the world.
    Everyone who knew her and who heard of her would here that firstly she was an amazing mother. She was also the Aunt who would always make an effort at family functions to greet the children present first before adults. When a child was having a hard time she always saw beyond and underneath the behaviour to what the underlying unmet need might be.
    Her children all had a close relationship with her and it will be important for all who loved her to be around to share stories about their mother with them. She touched many people in her young life.
    I will miss her ..... Theresa

  11. Laura CiprovskiMay 9, 2011 at 7:45 PM

    Lorrie was a friend, a neighbour and Eric's best friend's Mom. We saw her every morning on the walk to school, at all the hockey games and baseball. She was at all the school functions and was alway inviting all the kids over to play road hockey or a movie or a sleepover. During all of this, she was always carrying Charlotte. She was a devoted Mother and we wish she was still here with us. We miss her so much! Our hearts are aching.
    Laura, Bobby, Lindsay, Ben, Eric, Amy

  12. Lorne Aneta & Alex AndrewsMay 10, 2011 at 8:28 AM

    We first met Lorrie and Greg when they coached Alex in T-Ball when the kids were 4 yrs old. I could not believe the patience they had and how invested they were in teaching these kids the fundamentals of baseball, when the kids would rather be drawing pictures in the sand. Lorrie seemed to have this gift of engaging the children and making the experience a special one.
    Lorrie always saw the good in everything. When Aneta and I were helping Greg and Lorrie look for a home, it wouldn’t matter what she saw, it "always had potential". We went into one home that seemed to have everything going against it...well at least Greg and I thought so...but Lorrie kept putting a positive spin on everything. Once we got to the attic bedroom she open the bedroom closet and among the hanging cloths the owner had installed a working toilet. “ Oh this is nice and convenient” was her response, with Greg and I shaking our heads thinking maybe Lorrie should be selling real estate.

    Lorrie was also the major reason the charity haunt project started with the City of Toronto. Lorrie brought what started as a small scale Halloween event that our family was involved in, into the Power House Recreation Centre. Little did she know that because of those efforts the project has grown deep within the community and now is working closely with teaching transferable life-skills to at-risk youth. This program has the potential to save lives and would have never have happened without her.

    Our hearts go out to the family and all of those that were a part of Lorries' life. We feel truly blessed to have been part in her life and will cherish the memory of Lorrie forever.

    Lorne Aneta and Alex Andrews

  13. Lorrie more than a friend was an elder sister to me- she was part of the family. I have learned so many things from her. She went above and beyond to help anyone not expecting anything in return. She was so calm when it came to handling situations. I remember there was on time after camps, we couldn’t find a child and we all panicked. The mom waited nervously in the hallway. We all notified Lorrie and she said, “Don’t worry, everything will be fine, lets start from the beginning”. She was so calm and we found the child in the first spot we searched. She never wanted to burden anyone and tried to take on as much as possible on herself. Her calmness and stress free attitude is something I learned from her.Despite my stressful work environment, people are always asking me how come I am always smiling and I always respond by saying that I learned to be this way because of my friend Lorrie.

    She went above and beyond to fulfill every relationship. I remember her telling me about Nathan’s hockey games and how she sometimes sneaked Broadie in her jacket during the games. She used a heart shape pan to make bunny ears to bake a cake for the family two easters ago. When she first told me about Charlotte, she was so excited about doing all the things all over again. My dear Charlotte is two years old today. She tried to do so much for the kids, ensuring that they did well in what they pursued- whether it’s enrolling Erin in dance classes when she was young or with Nathan’s sports. Most recently in our conversation- she told me that she had just visited Erin and how proud she was of Erin and that she was going to pursue law school. Also, when Meghan received an award for her achievement in studies- Lorrie was so excited and proud of her.

    I am happy that Lorrie was able to fulfill one of her dreams that she had for a long time- starting her camp business. She had invested so much time going to biz launch seminars and ensured that she was absolutely ready for this before she pursued her dream. Each year the camps were doing better and receiving more registrants. Some people dream a lot and wished they could have done this and that. But Lorrie saw a dream and fulfilled this dream of hers.

    She loved the Port Credit area and she was so excited about moving to her new house. With the help of her brother’s she completely remodeled her house. It was a complete transformation. She was so creative and in turning simple things into something remarkable. I remember Greg telling me how she transformed this table by painting it white and adding sea shells to give a beach like view and turned it into a night stand. So creative- she saw potential in everything and everyone.

    If you have ever gone to Lorrie to Ikea- she is like a little kid in a candy store. I didn’t know this until the first time I went with Lorrie to Ikea. She was like- “Can we go here, oh lets go this aisle and here and here”. While I still get lost in Ikea- Lorrie knew the insides and out of this store. She was so excited about going to the store and then we always ended our shopping with the Ikea restaurant.
    continued: below

  14. continued:
    One of the other fun things we did was that a meeting was scheduled in the Malvern Community Centre- so close to my home. So my mom invited Lorrie to our house for dinner. We completely lost track of time and had so much fun that we got in for maybe the last 5-10 minutes of the meeting. Lorrie talked to someone and made them open the back door, so that we can sneak in from the back door so that no one would notice. She would always cover up for my mistakes.

    I am glad that I started working with the City of Toronto 4 years ago and got a chance to work with Lorrie and then came to know her wonderful family- both the Coyne’s and the Clarke’s. There are so many fond memories about Lorrie that I can go on and on. I still can’t believe that she is no longer with us and there is no one I can call to get advice. She always listened so patiently while I went on and on about anything. She is always going to be with us in the wonderful memories. While there is always going to be a void in our lives, Lorrie you will always be with all of us.
    Zeinab and the Family

  15. I have known Lorrie many years now as I usually walk with her from my house with my kids and the other kids she use to walk to school with. I saw young Charlotte grow from in Lorrie's belly to her present day. What a wonderful daughter her mum will be proud to watch as she continues to grow from above. I last saw Lorrie last Tuesday at the kids cross country meet. The weather was absolutely horrible. One of the young girls was so cold, I offered to bring her to my vehicle, with my daughter to warm up. When the girls got to the car Maya had Lorrie's sweater, she had gave her to warm her hands. The type of woman she was, to take the sweater off her back to help a child. It was great that she got to see Nathan run. Lorrie will always be remembered in my eyes with that amazing smile she use to walk up the street with every morning.My thoughts and my prayers go out to the entire family. She will always be with you all in spirit and watching over you all!!!

    God bless,

    Amanda Hansford

  16. Lorrie & I first met years ago on a bitterly cold winter evening. I had reluctantly agreed to take my son Moe to a dreaded "outdoor" hockey practice at Chic Murray Arena. My plan was to get him there, dressed, & out on the ice, then wait as I hunkered down in the semi warm indoor dressing room. Needless to say, that didn't happen. After sitting there for what felt like an eternity (approx. 10 minutes) I finally accepted that it didn't matter how many different ways I wrapped my damn scarf around my head, there was no way my skinny white ass was gonna get warm!! I had decided the only way to save myself, & anyone else within earshot of my excessive whining & over the top complaining, was to go sit in the car with the heater blasting! I stood up, and headed straight for the door. I never made it out!! As i reached to open it, in raced Lorrie and a bright eyed freckled faced Nathan. To this day I'm still not sure what kept me there? Was it the striking woman with the infectious smile who had just sailed in? Was it the long blonde mane of hair that seemed to float endlessly behind her? Or was it that this beautiful, crazy ass woman was clod in a tiny leather jacket, sic skin tight jeans and killer stiletto boots!!!??? She had no hat, scarf, or gloves!! "AREN'T YOU COLD!!!??" I blurted out. Lorrie looked up from tying Nathan's skates and said "COLD? no, no, I'm won't get cold, I'll be too busy watching my son practice.
    Even now as I reflect back & fondly recall our 1st encounter, I still marvel at how drawn I was to her. I was so intrigued by her carefree spirit, that wanted to embrace everything about her. I spent the remainder of the kids practice OUTSIDE yakking away with her as if we'd know each other forever!!! Other than both of us being mothers, we really had very little in common, yet we became friends.
    The one thing I will forever associate with Lorrie, is how optimistic she always was. Regardless of how dire the situation she always managed to find the positive.
    She will be sadly missed by her family, many friends, and all those whose lives she touched.
    Be at peace now my friend.

  17. As many of you already know. Today May 11, 2011 We are having a visitation from 2-4 7-9 at Wignalls funeral home on Longbranch Avenue in Etobicoke. (South of Lakeshore).
    We will have a funeral mass at St. Domenic's church tomorrow at noon.


  18. Christine CharvatMay 11, 2011 at 9:44 AM

    It was Grade 9 when I first met Lorrie and we soon became fast friends, her smile was infectious and NO ONE was unaffected by her energy and positive nature, especially me!
    I was starting school at St Joe's/Michael Power and I was very nervous about attending such a large was daunting to me! But Darlene (Lorrie's mama) introduced us since we would be attending the same high school. Immediately Lorrie's excitement and enthusiasm put me at ease...she was going to be my very own personal guide for the first few weeks of school! I felt so "cool" being shown around high school by this outgoing, gorgeous senior student. But that was the way Lorrie was, always willing to help someone..I was a virtual stranger to her yet she took me under her wing like we were old childhood friends.
    During our teen years we would hang out at Marie Curtis park or Sherway Gardens....and every outing with Lorrie was an adventure and full of laughter. We talked about everything....religion, boys, school, parents and I knew that I had found a wonderful friend! We kept in touch in our 20's but somehow life got in the way of our social lives with families to raise, and especially now, I am truly sorry that I didn't keep the communication going. I loved her like a big sister and she will forever be one of those special people that I have have had the honor of knowing during my lifetime....Lorrie will forever remain in my heart as well as my memory bank.
    My heart goes out to all of her family, especially John, Darlene and the "Coyne clan" who have been family friends for many years. May you find strength in knowing that you now have your very own personal angel to watch over and guide you all.
    God Bless you Lorrie,
    Chrissie Charvat (nee Turnbull)

  19. Lorrie Coyne my verry first girlfriend that was over 35yrs ago many times I have thought of her over the years an awsome person from a wonderfull family I never kept intouch because my life went in a different direction I did get intouch with her mom many yrs later & was welcomed like I was never gone you allwas know a good family when you walk into there home &* the Coynes are a verry loving a welcoming family God bless you all my heart goes out to you all I am so soory for your loss THE ANGELS TOOK AN ANGEL ROBERT T HEALY

  20. We knew Lorrie as a neighbour who was always so welcoming to all of our children. She invited my kids to play street hockey with Nathan while my little Sarah would play with baby Charlotte. We remember her as a deeply warm and caring person and a wonderful neighbour. We are all so very sorry for your loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you.

    Carol, Greg, Leah, Noah, Sarah and Jenny

  21. Peace be with you all, and heres to the memories that will last in us all forever.....
    (hugs) Shari

  22. Our first Thanksgiving without you.
    One day at a time. One holiday at a time.
    Hope that you are at peace. xoxo

  23. It has been 2.5 years and I cry every day.. miss you so much.


Please feel free to share stories of how Lorrie touched your life.Add pictures if you can or email them to and Theresa will.
Lorrie's family will find these stories to be of comfort as they learn to live their life without their daughter, sister, wife, mother.